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At Sinopec Canada, the term “Contractor” refers to any organization, company or individual that performs services for, or provides goods to, Sinopec Canada or one of its Canadian affiliates.

Contractors play an important role in the continued success of Sinopec Canada’s projects and operations, and Sinopec Canada is committed to maintaining quality relationships with its Contractors. 

Rules of Work

To ensure that Sinopec Canada’s commitment to a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability is maintained, all Contractors are required to understand and adhere to the following policies and procedures when performing services for, or providing goods to, Sinopec Canada:

Additional applicable policies and procedures may be set out in the contract entered into by a Contractor with Sinopec Canada as appropriate and necessary.

Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise specified in a purchase order, all purchase orders issued by Sinopec Canada are governed by the following terms and conditions:


Sinopec Canada Invoicing Standards

The following requirements must be met when submitting invoices in order to ensure timely processing:

  • Sinopec contact name (requestor’s name if possible)
  • Unique invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Unique Well Identifier (UWI)
  • Tax amount divided into categories as required (for example, GST, PST, HST)
  • GST registration number (if supplier is a GST registrant)
  • Description and dollar amount (excluding tax) of each individual charge
  • Invoice currency
  • Applicable field tickets attached showing field stamp and field signature

Note:  All Contractor invoices not meeting the criteria as outlined above may be subject to dispute.

Invoice Submission Channels

1. Oildex Open Invoice (preferred method):

Please see the Oildex Submission Guidelines

In addition to the standards set out above, Contractors are expected to enter coding information as provided by Sinopec Canada including:

  • General ledger account
  • AFE number and/or Cost Center number

2. Accounts Payable Inbox:

Email invoices with all relevant backup (PDF format) to

3. Regular Mail:

Sinopec Daylight Energy Ltd.
Calgary Place RPO
P.O. Box 20035
Calgary, Alberta T2P 4J2

Invoice Inquiry Contact List

Supplier NameEmail AddressTelephone
#, A-FAPSupportA-F#@sinopeccanada.com587-952-5362
ADP Supportadpinvoicesupport@adp.com866-624-3287