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Community Investment

Sinopec Canada is committed to making a positive impact in the areas where we live and work.  We believe that our operations should also benefit the communities in which we operate and we actively seek out opportunities for charitable giving and partnerships that respond to the needs of those communities.

In addtion to direct investments to charities and community projects, Sinopec Canada encourages and supports the time its employees spend giving back to the community in an active and meaningful way.  The Company strives to endorse programs that add to and help Sinopec Canada employees participate in building and maintaining a healthy caring society.

Sinopec Canada Shines - Community Investment Program

Our goals are accomplished through the Sinopec Canada Shines Community Investment Program, which is made up of two principle components:

  • Two Hands Program that supports employee volunteers; and 
  • Two Times Program that matches employee charitable giving. 

In 2012, Sinopec Canada contributed approximately $550,000 to community programming and charitable giving as part of our Community Investment Program.